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We offer a line of electric Volkswagens from the years 1953 - 1979. These cars are converted by us using Kit #1 or Kit #2 and run solely on electricity.  Recharging can be done at home by plugging in to the utility power grid or by installing a solar system and running on sunshine (see Kit Extras page). We offer these cars on an availability basis only and our inventory is constantly changing.  Please e-mail or call for current stock. Prices start at $4,200.00 for our basic model.  Accessories and upgrades are available.
The stock basic VW EV is a 48 volt system with a range of approx 30 miles and a top speed of 30-40 MPH. This is a turn-key vehicle with user instructions and basic warrenty.
This picture shows the batteries behind the back seat: 6 (6 volt t-105's or golf car batteries) will fit there and can be 8 volt batteries if 48 vdc is desired. The auxilliary 12 VDC battery is under the seat runs the accessories. The Batteries can also be installed under the back seat or in the engine compartment if desired.  Some have even cut out the top of the gas tank and installed 4 batteries there.  This set-up is fully upgradeable to higher voltages up to 72 vdc and 12 batteries for a top speed of 45 to 50+ MPH and a range of up to 30 miles + per charge depending on how many batteries used with our Kit #2 .

This VW can also be configured for many more options for customized performance.


If you would like more interesting Info :      http://auto.howstuffworks.com/electric-car.htm/printable .

80% of all trips in an automobile are less than thirty miles.  The cost to drive this is 75% less than a gas-mobile per mile. 

This is simple, easy and VERY inexpensive alternative to a gass (smelly) powered vehicle. 

Do your part to clean the planet and join the alternate energy REVOLUTION!!

Contact us by mail at:   

Wilerness EV  -   P.O. Box 50361 Provo, Utah 84605

email: WildernessEV@msn.com

or call us direct at 801-628-6509