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The Geo Metro is an ideal vehicle to convert to electric. Because of it's inherant light weight and good aero-dynamics, it achieves good range and is capable of 50 to 60+ mph speeds at the voltage of 72 with Kit # 2.  We offer this vehicle as a complete turn-key EV starting at $4,200.00 with Kit #1 installed. The purchase of this car is subject to availability.

The motor configuration is very simple and very dependable. The maintainance is far less than what a gasoline equivilant would be. The only routine replacements needed are watering the batteries and replacing brushes. We have replacement brushes available for $40.00, but this should not have to be done for many years of use.
These kits also comes in the configuration without a clutch. With the most common version and a series motor, the speed of the motor can be controlled with a modern PWM controller like those made CURTIS or ALLTRAX.  An Alltrax Controller comes with Kit #1 & #2 and a Curtis Controller with Kit #3 & Kit #4.
This Geo Metro EV has been clocked at just over 60 mph at 72 vdc, with Kit #2 in ideal conditions. The motor consumes approx. 100-120 amps on flat ground at cruising speed. Therefore one should get about 1 hour driving at 45-65 mph with a standard t-105 (or similar 220AH-6V) battery pack of 72 vdc (12 batteries). There are many variables that effect this performance, such as tire rolling resistance and pressure, areo-dynamics of the vehicle, head-wind, inclines, cargo weight, etc.

Prices range from $4,200.00 to $9,800.00 for a finished vehicle depending on the kit installed.

Contact us by mail at:

Wilderness EV   

P.O. Box 504 

Lehi, Utah 84043

email: WildernessEV@msn.com

or call us direct at 801-628-6509