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Blank Adapter Plate & Custom Coupler


We also offer a blank adapter plate and a custom made shaft coupler that can be made to work with almost any vehicle of 3000 lbs or less. We have made these to work on many different vehicles such as a Datsun pickup, Honda CRX 2 door, MG Midget, Isuzu pickup truck, Honda Civic hatchback and others. Your clutch plate from the vehicle that will be used for your conversion would be sent to us so the shaft coupler can be made.  The motor is mounted to the adaptor plate and the shaft coupler set at the right distance on the motor shaft using the key pin and set screw. The motor assembly then can be slid on the transmission shaft splines and clamped to the bell-housing.  Paint is sprayed through the bolt holes around the bell housing to mark their locations. The plate is removed and holes are drilled that match the transmission bell housing. The assembly is then bolted to the transmission and the machanical work is completed. The plate measures 15" diameter for extra width for the wider bell housing transmissions. These parts can be purchased for: $235.00 for the plate and $255.00 for the shaft coupler +shipping.

Battery Box


We have available pre-made battery boxes that can simply be bolted into place in a few minutes. The 4 battery box is $65 and the 6 battery box is $75. Out of Stock

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