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This is the least expensive, simplest electric car conversion kit we offer.....and for that matter its lowest price possible on the market, we believe. The cost for this kit is $2280 + shipping. All of our kits include everything needed, except batteries and racks, to be up and running in a matter of hours upon recieving the components.
This electric car conversion Kit #1 uses a Alltrax 4845 Controller for controlling the speed of the vehicle.  The top speed is roughly 40 mph and the range 3 to 5 miles PER BATTERY per charge.  The total distance is dependent on whether you use 6 volt (8 batteries total), or 8 volt (6 batteries total), or 12 volt ( 4 batteries total) batteries.   The motor used in this kit is ES-15A Series Motor made by D & D Motors (See parts catalog).  This a great EV conversion kit for running around town, short commutes to work or school, and saves you a lot of money.

This motor is very efficient with energy consumption and can be as high as 85% at 3750 rpm at 100 amps.  This motor developes roughly 90 foot-lbs of torque at nearly zero rpm making it a great driver at slower speeds as well as city speeds.  This torque eliminates the need for a clutch. The motor dimensions are 12.28 inches long by 7.6 inches diameter with a keyed shaft at 3.00 inches long and .8750 inches diameter.  Our shaft couplers are machined to match this shaft with the splined shaft coming out of your transmission for your electric car conversions. 

Because there is no clutch with this electric car conversion kit the transmission can be left in one gear and driven as though it is an automatic. You can also shift the gears as freely as with a clutch simply by letting off of the throttle and shifting. Most people will drive in second gear with this 48 volt kit.

The complete electric car conversion kit components are as follows: *

  • Adapter Plate for vehicle
  • Shaft Coupler - Motor to Transmission
  • 40 HP 6.7" dia. Series Motor
  • Alltrax 4845 Controller (48 VDC / 400 amps)
  • PB-5 Pot Box
  • 20 ft of #2/0 ga. Wire Cable
  • Contactor- Kilovac EV200 (2000 amp rupture 200 amp continuous
  • 50-150 VDC Volt Meter
  • 0-500 Amp Meter
  • 50mv - 500 Amp Shunt
  • Gauge Holder Bracket
  • 12 - High Current Ring Terminals
  • 12 - Battery Cable Terminals
  • Fuse - 400 amp slow blow
  • 12 -72 Volt Battery Charger - 5 or 10 amp (48 VDC)
  • General Plans & Wiring Schematics 

*Substitues will be made for parts if unavailable.


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