Solar Electric Reverse T-Volt  $4,800

Out the door EV converted price with Batteries


This is the first truly Solar Powered Electric Vehicle that can drive 45 miles per hour and 40 miles distance, per day, on nothing but a days sunshine!

Go 100% Solar. The solar panel fully charges the batteries in just 2 days of sunlight. If you need a charge quicker, plug it into the wall and it will charge in just 6-8 hours.

A realistic mode of transportation! The steering, breaks, and front tires are re-purposed from a VW Beetle! This two seat electric trike also comes equipped with seat belts for added safety.

The T-Volt is street legal and registers and insures as a motorcycle! This means it is very affordable to insure and drive.

The T-Volt sales for $4,800 fully built and ready to roll.

The T-Volt Kit sales for $3,800 which includes everything you see EXCEPT FOR BATTERIES. As a kit, the frame is welded and the steering and brakes all work but you mount and wire the rest.

The T-Volt Kit without solar sales for $3,300


Email or call for more details: 801-628-6509.




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